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Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time

transforming-discipleship-coverMany churchgoers complain that their churches lack a coherent plan for discipleship and spiritual growth. In turn, many church leaders lament their lack of resources to build and manage effective programs to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ. In Transforming Discipleship Greg Ogden introduces his vision for discipleship, emphasizing that solutions will not be found in large-scale, finely-tuned, resource-heavy programs. Instead, Ogden recovers Jesus’ method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. And he shows how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation. Biblical, practical and tremendously effective, Transforming Discipleship provides the insights and philosophy of ministry behind Ogden’s earlier work, Discipleship Essentials. Together, these ground-breaking books have the potential to transform how your church transforms the lives of its people.

★★★★★ Review of “Transforming Discipleship” by Ogden
By Warren T. Baldwin on September 7, 2007
This is one of those books you will wish you had read years before. After discussing what discipleship is (helping people to live like Jesus), Ogden gives a detailed overview of the models Jesus and Paul used to disciple people. Jesus’ model, very simply, was first to be an example to people. Secondly he would teach them to serve, teach and lead. Thirdly, Jesus became a coach, helping his disciples to actually step out and actively serve. Finally, Jesus delegated all responsibility to the Apostles to go out and carry on the work of the kingdom. This model is one that any servant of Christ today can use to duplicate his/her own faith and ministry in another willing person.

The following statement from the book encapsulates the goal of duplication and discipleship for all Christian leaders : “The tragedy is that most Christian leaders have placed almost no priority on transitional leadership. It is generally fair to say that the effectiveness of one’s ministry is to be measured by how well it flourishes after one’s departure.” (P.96)

Public teaching and preaching will always have its place. But nothing can replace one-on-one teaching, modeling and training. I highly recommend this book.

Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ

discipleship-essentials-coverA 2014 ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist Discover the fullness of life in Christ. We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus’ own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others and allow life to rub against life. By gathering in twos or threes to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus’ example with the twelve disciples. This workbook by Greg Ogden is a tool designed to help you follow this pattern Jesus drew for us. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith. Each week contains the following elements:

• a core truth presented in a question-answer format
• a memory verse and accompanying study
• a field-tested inductive Bible study
• a reading on the theme for the week
• questions to draw out key principles in the reading

This material is designed for groups of three. It has also been used successfully as an individual study program, a one-on-one discipling tool and small group curriculum. Jesus had a big enough vision to think small. Focusing on a few did not limit his influence. Rather, it expanded it. Discipleship Essentials is designed to help us influence others as Jesus did–by investing in a few. Second edition includes a new foreword by the author. These studies are for both individuals and groups.

★★★★★ Finally, an effective tool for disicplemaking
By Kyle Cheatham on March 18, 2006
After years of various approaches to disicplemaking, I was so excited to first read Greg Ogden’s “Transforming Discipleship” which then led me to this work, “Discipleship Essentials,” a 24 week curriculum for disciplemaking. Our church is using it in groups of three or four who upon completion prayerfully enlist their own “triad” to go through the material with. It can take as long as a year, but for the first time we are seeing genuine multiplication take place. Get both books and get started today!

★★★★★ Discipleship Essentials – Excellent Tool
By Oakbrook Church on October 27, 2009
I use this workbook as a tool to lead others to knowing more about their Christian faith in a small group setting (3-4 people). You do not have to be a teacher to use this material. It is a great tool for new and well seasoned Christians alike. It explains Christian concepts in a very good format. It helps new Christians to understand their faith and it reminds seasoned Christians of things they may have forgotten. It also is helpful in that it gives you a renewed confidence to share your faith with others. I highly recommend this workbook for every Christian – no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord.

★★★★★ One of the greatest discipleship tools out there
ByAmazon Customer on October 17, 2016
One of the greatest discipleship tools out there. Covers broad topics and allows for teachers to expound accordingly. Highly recommend.

Lecture: Making disciples like Jesus did

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